He continued, “Lack of belief in Me, lack of faith in My nearness is one of the most painful things for Me. (that's what the song is about) Can you imagine it?  Your daughter is going through a really rough trial and you are there with her, coaxing her, making suggestions, comforting her and she feels something but writes it off and says, 'I wish Mom were here to help me through this.'  And you are right beside her all the time.  How frustrating can that be?"

taken from: Seeking a Word From Others vs. Conversing w/Me

     "May I say to all My children: curiosity is your downfall.  There is much I have put on your hearts to do, but you don’t have the discipline to stick with them until they are done - or in some cases, like Clare’s, even get started.  You will look back on your time on Earth and see that you wasted years worth of time doing foolish things.

     "The devils know it is not easy to draw you into a sin like adultery or murder, but making you waste time is a cinch, and thereby foils My efforts to use you in your anointing.  Part of the issue is deep in your hearts, My Brides. Part of the issue is your lack of belief in yourself and I, working together to bring it about.  Far too many things are begun and maintained by your own strength, rather than turning them over to Me so we can work together.”

taken from: Make This Time Count


     "The point is not to give up. This is Satan’s plan.  Again, using the analogy of lions on the hunt, they look for the ones who are separated.  Be smarter than the adversary. Cling to and forgive your friends when they wound you.

     "I did not give up on Peter.  It is written that I ‘did not entrust Myself to men, for I knew their hearts’. (John 2:24) As close as Peter was to Me, I knew his weakness.  I knew he was not ready to die for Me.  He loved Me but overestimated his strength. Peter did not know himself. He overrated his devotion, his love, even though I had appointed him chief of the apostles.  In his zeal and self-confidence, he believed nothing could turn him away from Me.”

Taken from: How a Root of Bitterness Can

Change Your Destiny and DNA


     "Most of your problem truly lies in the fact that you do not believe in yourself. But I believe in you and I know what can be done when you believe in Me. Together we can do this. The hardest part is starting. The next hardest part is overcoming obstacles. Then overcoming boredom or lack of inspiration.  All of these problems can be handled in worship and prayer when Holy Spirit refreshes you in His anointing and power.

     "It’s all about how much do you love Me and how much will you give Me?  How much are you willing to invest…even in the little time left to us?  Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness. To act on what I have given you is to prove your faith in Me. To let it sit dormant in a dark and dank basement under a pile of waste is almost unforgivable.”

taken from: Make This Time Count


     “I am ever by your side, continually watching over you, whispering in your ear: 'Don't go there. Do this - it would be good if you did that.' 'Don't answer that, delete it.' Yes, I am advising you continually. But My voice is so familiar to you, you actually believe it to be your own. But if you listen very carefully, you will realize that thought did not originate with came from a different source.”

taken from: The Enemy’s Next Move Against You


      "I long to speak to you, My people. I am forever trying to find new ways to speak to you: through nature, through events, through friends, even through license plates. There are times when I want to turn you around before it is too late to repair the damage you're going to do. Alas, you just don't hear Me. Part of the deafness is due to self-will, but part is due also to your lack of belief that I am so involved in your life that I want to tell you what will make a difference for you. I want to advise you, I want to prevent catastrophes, I want to bless you. Oh, you just don't know or believe in My goodness. It is more than you can ever fathom.”

taken from: Are You Wise?