"Unless you become like a little child...”

      'Truly I tell you', He said, 'unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.…' Matt 18:3-4

     "It is humbling to be dependent like a child, at least from the world’s standpoint. But from where I stand, it is the perfect place to be: totally trusting Me to provide everything, without qualm or question. When you are dependent you have no control, no decision making power, no say in anything - you just take Daddy’s hand and walk along the paths of life with Him.”

taken from: Hand in Hand With Daddy


     "You see, My children, it is your many insecurities that motivate you to live a certain life.  It is your insecurity about the provision of life’s most basic needs that corrals you into a place of subservience, instead of a position of totally fulfilling all I have made you to be. It is also the fear of suffering, the need for comfort, protection and acceptance by society.  Once you abandon yourself into My arms, you let go of these concerns and place your life totally in My hands.

     "When you are fully released to Me and I am in full control, I can do all that is necessary to guide you into your true mission in life. Yes, there are moments that are scary, painful, confusing. But ultimately, when you trust Me, you cease to worry about these things. Unless you become as a little child…Yes, abandonment into the arms of your loving Father, your loving Jesus, your loving Spirit is the key to maintaining peace in the midst of life’s contradictions.”

taken from: Hand in Hand With Daddy


     "You are to be like a little child with her hand in Daddy’s, walking along the seashore of life, finding ever new joy in the treasures and opportunities I toss up in the tides everyday. Oh, how blessed is the soul that has abandoned all their cares into My capable hands.  I will surely commune with them continuously, because their minds are free from earthly encumbrances.” from Make Peace With All

     "So many of you, My children, are highly pleasing to Me.  The sweet aroma of holiness exudes from you."

     After He said that, I saw something like that when we were dancing, because it seemed that there was a fragrance emanating from the very top of my head and that’s where Jesus was resting His cheek.

     "Yes, there is a fragrance about a soul that continually yields to Me. It is sweet and comforting to Me.  So many, I can't even get close to. The poison of rancor is so intense I cannot stand to be close.  See to it, all My People, that the odor of rancor does not proceed from your thoughts. Yes, the activity of your brain emanates this fragrance.  When it is sweet, it is as if I were walking through a well-kept garden. When it is noxious, it is the odor of death and decaying flesh.  You can hardly understand how terribly bad it is."

taken from: Sweet Aroma of Holiness


     "This is My joy, to see My children finally understanding how personal My love really is. I do not sit behind a desk with a Bible between us. I do not hide in elaborate cathedrals. I do not confine myself to My traditional garb. I am not in any way formal or distant from you.

     "No, I wear khakis when we explore the cliffs of Heaven. When you draw near to Me, I rush to embrace you. I put nothing between us and forgive you of your sins…because you are so eager to confess and repent, they do not raise themselves up as obstacles to our nearness.  There are even times when I approach you as you repent, so that you will know I am hearing your contrite heart and I forgive you.”

taken from: Who I Really Am To You


     "Oh, how I want My children to understand who I AM.  Yes, I am the mighty God who spoke creation into being, and then I lowered myself and became subject to the very same limitations you were born into.  I did this so we could be truly close and you would come to understand the depth of My love for you as well as My character as a real, true Man.

     "…This is the time for a real relationship with Me, though I am your God.  This is not the time of posturing and formality.  When David was out in the fields with his sheep, then He was closest to Me and we conversed like familiar friends. The same with Moses. We spoke not only in the smoke and fire and lightening, but in the babbling of water, deep into the night. Everything we saw together we shared, even as a husband and wife share their lives with one another.”

taken from: Who I Really Am To You


     “Contrition is always the very best place to be. Oh, if only My children could stay in this place, how humble they would be. Contrition and humility go hand in hand.”

Taken from: Why Your Failures Qualify You For Success


     "All of you, My Brides, when you have reached out to souls and touched them with Me, expect trials on the heels of that witnessing.  Expect hardship and sacrifice. You are birthing children into the Kingdom. You are with your own life cooperating with Me to bring them into our family. You, too, become the mother of souls.

     "These children need prayers, teachings, sacrifice and tending to, so the enemy will not pluck them out of the soil before they take root. They need watering and protection from the harshness of the elements. Agents of the enemy are constantly patrolling sites such as this one to discredit those channels and scare new believers away.”

taken from: You Are Mothers of Souls

     "Understand that these culminating events will push them over the brink of reluctance and down into My waiting arms. I have prepared a safety net for their souls, so hold fast and confess frequently My promises to you about them.  Do not judge by what you see, much is hidden from view in places where they are already scared like little lost children and much of their superficial bravado is a cover-up for that nagging feeling that something IS about to change drastically in the world and they will be caught unprepared.

     "But for those who heed My advice and seek Me and not their own devices, those souls shall find rest in these turbulent times unparalleled in history. This is why what I have given you to leave behind is so very important. Your efforts will be crowned with success and many will receive life changing ministry from what you leave behind.”

taken from: Your Tears Are Stored in Golden Flasks


     "There are many layers to your crosses, My Children.  Sometimes I call you to carry the weight of your cross only and it is easier for you. But other times, many other times - especially now - you are carrying multiple crosses.  You are all intertwined as brothers and sisters and the same Holy Spirit flows through you all.”

taken from: Suffering – Real Work in the Realm of the Spirit


     The Father continued, "This is what I ask of all, but the greatest burden will fall to My faithful. Pray, beloved children, pray! There will be whole days where you may be directed to remain in prayer. My Holy Spirit will direct you in your prayers. The prayers will burgeon and flow through you without effort, as Living Waters, to the parched areas of this Earth that need them. They will rise upward to Me like the sweetest of fragrant incense, and I will hear your prayers. Your prayers will help to determine what will transpire…what punishments will befall those who transgressed My Laws and My Will. Your prayers DO matter!”

taken from: Great Suffering is About to Befall the World


     "You must cleave to Me, dear children! All of you! But especially those of you who choose to stand in the gap and suffer for those who have transgressed. Know, My dear children, that your recent efforts have borne much fruit for the Kingdom of God. Many more of My children are returning home. My heart weeps with gladness at your efforts. The fragrance is as sweet as My finest wines. Many of you have suffered in order for these wayward ones to return; and your suffering has been the sweetest of all gifts. How tenderly they touch My Heart. For My Heart has often been battered and My labors scorned, and your efforts come as sweet consolation during a painful time.”

taken from: Great Suffering is About to Befall the World