"Please, make your choices wisely. I am forever at your side calling you upward. But the climb is painful! Once you make up your mind to forsake your pride and defensiveness, I lift you up into My arms and carry you all the way to the top.  This is My Heart’s desire. Will you come with Me? Or abandon Me, like so many others have done.  Do you have courage, character and relentless honesty with yourself?  Or are you just getting by...” 

Taken from: How a Root of Bitterness Can Change Your Destiny & DNA


     "As you grow in virtue, I will begin to release to you the secret dreams of your heart.  The pure ones, not the concocted ones that feed the ego, the bank account, or your popularity.  No, the ones from Me, planted there to someday be activated and grow into a tree that bears sweet fruit and shade for the birds of the field.

     "Some of you have had glimpses of this place but not the courage to pursue it.  The courage will come from Me.  I will anoint you, open doors and bring you along by a way you’ve never thought possible. I will lead you down crooked paths that result in a straight line to the destiny I planned for you before you were sent into this world.”

taken from: Your Very Special Destiny


     "Some of you have anointings. You can feel them rising up in you. Things to do you’ve never had the courage to do before.  You will be opposed, but ignore the opposition and hold to the inspiration.  Protect it like a newborn babe, for surely it is just that full of life and vulnerable to the scorn and contempt of those who prefer to stay where they are and not tackle anything that could result in failure.  But the wisdom you have garnered about the operation of the enemy against you is something you need to set in concrete and not allow the enemy to steal from your memory."

taken from: How Does a Fall Happen?



 "This is the heritage of the children of God. Freedom from oppression and the constraints of the enemy. There are many, many times when I am testing your courage and your charity, and so it is essential that you remain close to Me so that you know the season you are in. Is this a time to be conciliatory or a time to stand your ground?”

taken from: How Prayer Fails


     "Yes. Binding and loosing prayers are very effective for stopping demon traffic in your home.  As a believer, living in your house, you have rights over evil and you can pray against it and receive angelic assistance.  But you are somewhat limited by the workings of evil spirits that are there by consent of the others who live in the house. Still, your prayers are powerful and very often whoever you are praying for, removing their demons and their company, they don't know what hit them. Just all of a sudden, the oppression and impulse to do evil leaves - with no explanation.

      "This is the heritage of the children of God. Freedom from oppression and the constraints of the enemy. There are many, many times when I am testing your courage and your charity, and so it is essential that you remain close to Me so that you know the season you are in. Is this a time to be conciliatory or a time to stand your ground?”

taken from: How Prayer Fails


     “You have been chosen to lead, to guide and to fight against evil. You are not among the left behind because you did not give yourselves to Him. No. You are among the called and chosen Remnant.

     “Some of you are warriors and have been created for such a time as this. For those of you who have been called to engage in the battle to restore our nation, the Lord wants you to know He is with you.  You are not fighting alone. His arm is mighty and powerful, not only to make you invisible but to confuse and defeat the enemy.  Begin all your battles with prayer and end them with thanksgiving.  Through you He is going to raise this nation from the ashes and restore her to righteousness.  

     “Don’t let anyone belittle you. You were not negligent, you were chosen by Him to be warriors for righteousness and even to give witness to Jesus through martyrdom.  Be courageous. Let no one demean you. Don’t believe the enemy’s lies, for he surely will torment you with lies to try and discourage you. Stand tall in the Lord; He is with you.”

taken from: Remember These Things & Remnant Church


     And I had a thought here I wanted to share with you. I know that when I was younger and single and raising four children, wow - I had a lot of temptations.  Not only was I needy for affection, but my hormones were also very strong.  When I found myself at a point where I could compromise, one of the things that gave me courage to pass that temptation by was comparing the object of my affections to the beauty of Jesus.

taken from: Temptations Against Purity


     Now, that (part of the binding) prayer is important, because the longer you're a Christian, the longer you're a human, the more times you're hurt. And when we're hurt we tend to withdraw, and our charity begins to cool down. So, the first item on that list is to restore Love for Others, because that's the most important thing that we need. We can be sick, but love others and it's still powerful. We can be weak and love others and it's still powerful. We can have courage, but if we don't love others, it's useless. We can have focus and faith, but without love - it's not effective. Purity. We can have a pure heart, but no love. And we can be fractured and damaged, rather than whole.

     We can have peace and joy, but no love for others - and some people might dispute that and I might agree with you - but the point is: without love, we're USELESS. We're like clanging gongs. So, there you go. Restore love for others is a number one item on that list. Then health, strength, vigor, courage, focus, faith, purity of heart, wholeness, peace and joy to the places the enemy, the world and our own flesh have defiled.

taken from: Binding Demons Teaching

     "Many of You are scared to death to introduce Me to others. But nothing could be more simple, if You go about it as My friend and theirs.

     Then He began to offer a suggestion on how to approach them: ‘Let me introduce you to My friend, Jesus. He is with you everywhere you go, He listens to every cry and shares in all your laughter. He rejoices with you in the springtime...when new life is budding out of the Earth. He rejoices with you as you lie in piles of golden leaves and with the wild lavender asters that dot the fields in the Fall.

     ‘He laughs with you at the antics of the new puppy, and cries with you when you must say good-bye to your beloved pet. Oh, He is so present to you, my friend, so familiar to you, you don't even notice Him - but He is here. When someone passes away, He upholds you with infusions of peace, allowing you to go through the steps of saying good-bye to your loved one. He slowly releases the sorrow in you, so you are not overwhelmed. When He brings a new life into your womb, He provides all that is needed to raise that child.

     ‘Oh, everything He does is underpinning Your life, and He is so close...and so much a part of you, you don't recognize Him, until it is His time to reveal His presence to you.

     “Then the joy of discovery is there: 'You WERE there when my mother passed! You WERE there when I made that career decision that changed my life! You WERE there when I went to the pound to get a kitten. You have ALWAYS been there, and I never knew it. You were there in the ER when I thought I was dying, and You held me securely so that fear did not overwhelm me. You were there when I was all alone after that abusive relationship. You were even there during that, waiting for me to say 'enough!'

     ‘You gave me the courage to begin a new life! You encouraged me that I COULD do it. You were there when I walked into the thrift store needing new clothes with only a few dollars and You filled my bag with everything I needed and then some! In fact, You were the one who inspired the wealthy lady to get rid of those beautiful clothes she never wears. You even measured the timing, so I would walk in just as they were putting her clothes on the rack.’”

taken from: Introduce Me, Not Religion…