Dancing With Jesus


     I want to take a moment here, guys, to mention something, because there's been some terrible lying and slandering against the relationship that we have with Holy Spirit and with Jesus. …While the relationship with Jesus and Holy Spirit is very, very romantic, it is even more pure and never is there a hint of impropriety or sexual innuendos.

     Jesus is a virgin and so is Holy Spirit, and anyone who cannot see or receive that needs a grace to deliver them from unclean obsessions with sex. God is pure, love for God is pure, and if you ever have any hints of sexual behavior, understand you are dealing with either a demon or your own mind that needs deliverance. People who take these messages and twist them to be sexual have serious psychological problems and need help. Please pray for them.

     There is no sex in Heaven, just to reiterate what I've told you so many times before - there's no sex in Heaven. There is no sexual relationship with any vision of Heaven, God or the angels, or saints. If you are seeing something like that, you are looking at a demonic manifestation. Rebuke it and renounce it in the Name above all names, in the Name of Jesus. And if you must, call upon the Holy Angels to remove those filthy unclean creatures.

     Holy Spirit is a wonderful man. Very clean cut, blond hair, blue eyes, tall and slightly Nordic looking. He is a total gentleman, totally focused love and totally ours, in a very unique way. Both yours and mine individually.

     As I have explained before, there is an imprint from God - this is what I've been instructed in. An imprint from God, a combination of unique attributes that each of us possesses, and none of us is identical. For that reason, God finds consolation in each of our unique personalities and you satisfy His longing for Love and Worship in a way no other soul can. He longs for you to see Him as the God He is, in the form of a man, and for you to cultivate your own relationship with Him. The Comforter.

     It has taken me a long, long time to finally accept His Person in the image of a man. For years I kept Him at arms length, but He continued to try and break through all my silly fears. Tonight, I finally relaxed with Him as we danced and just fell head over heels in love with Him! Oh, how gentle He is! He gave me lots of time to adjust to His person, rather than dancing with Jesus.

taken from: Holy Spirit’s Desire for You…


     Okay, so this is a beautiful concept that I want to share with you, about perceiving flowing thoughts drifting through our minds. We can tell the source of those thoughts by their character. If they stir up fear and anxiety, then they're from the evil ones. But, if they stir up peace and wisdom and good fruits, then they're from the Lord.

     In the same way - we have streaming visions. We'll see flowing pictures and they will be flowing pictures that are good and holy and bring us into the presence of the Lord. For instance, one night I was praying and I saw clouds and angels holding a dance floor in the heavens. And, then I saw myself dancing with Jesus on that dance floor in the heavens. Now, that's something I never would have thought of!

     So, it's more likely, when you think of things that are that outrageous, that it's really coming from God, and not yourself. Because, it's not something in the ordinary course of things that you'd be thinking about. So, we're going to see flowing pictures, and those flowing pictures are an invitation to us to enter into the vision with the Lord. Just as the flowing thoughts are an invitation to enter into a conversation with the Lord, and listen to Him.

taken from: Clare Shares her Insights on Mark Virkler…


     Oh, the Lord Himself was so immersed in my love for Him! It was a sight to behold, I could feel His warm presence wrapped around me, in of course such a pure and holy way. But when I caught a glimpse of His Holy Face, I was just amazed. We were dancing to Terry MacAlmon's songs, especially "Praise Him." And Jesus' eyes were closed as He rested His head on mine and was the perfect picture of someone totally transfixed in Love.

     Oh, there is one verse of a song we listened to that says, "Let me pour my love on you, the fragrance of my heart." And that always makes me ashamed, and I flinch when I hear that line, because I don't see my heart as being fragrant at all. I see it riddled with faults that make me recoil at the thought of pouring those on My Jesus. But when I saw how He was enjoying the contents of my heart, all that began to change. He must have some kind of filter!

     As I gazed upon His sweet face, totally absorbed in me, I began to reckon that there must be something fragrant there or He wouldn't be so absorbed. As I was thinking these things, I saw tears rolling down His cheeks and I heard Him say, "If only you knew how much consolation you bring Me. This is My Heaven on Earth."

taken from: You Are My Heaven on Earth..


     I let the song just run over and over again, and we were slow dancing, just kind of swaying gently back and forth to the music. I drifted off into a sweet reverie with the Lord, my forehead was nuzzled under His beard. Every once and a while, I'd draw back and our eyes would meet and He was becoming peaceful and calm. As the song repeated itself, I began to see that His suffering was alleviated and the pain surrounding His Head was beginning to dissipate and I even spotted a twinkle of joy in His eyes.

     I told Ezekiel what was going on and he said, "I don't think we know how much the Lord suffers with us, how many times He cries with us." And right after he said that, the Lord began to speak to me.

     "Never underestimate the power behind consoling your God. Do you know the heartbreaks I must suffer everyday, and when I come into the throne room of your heart and find you waiting there for Me, just longing to be with Me. Oh, you cannot imagine how you brighten My Heart.”

taken from: Oh, How You Comfort My Heart!


     I see I've gotten nowhere with You, Lord.

     "On the contrary, you have made Me very, very happy because now there are Brides who truly believe and want to dance with Me. I was beginning to feel like a wallflower." He made a sad face, and I laughed.

     Oh, that's too funny.

     "Yes, but it is true! The music plays, I sway - but My Bride...runs away!"

     Oh, no. You are making rhymes.

     "That's right, and some will not forget those words and press in. OK?"

     Makes sense to me, Lord

     "Good, now we are agreed: no longer will I be a wallflower."

taken from: Persevere in Intimacy With the Lord…


     Today, as I came into worship, (and actually, that was yesterday) I felt strongly the need to be present to the Lord as His Bride. I was soon feeling and seeing myself in His arms, moving to the music and really getting ministry from the songs as I sang them to Him in my heart. I knew He was singing some of them back to me as well, and all my fears and false guilts just melted away.

     I began, "Thank you, Lord, for the extra strength and wonderful dance time."

     Jesus answered me, "I was hoping you'd like it. I sing to you from My heart, you know. I pick those songs because they truly mean something to Me. They convey how I feel about you."

taken from: Lord, What Are You Doing With Us in this Hour?


     "Tell them I am coming for them and they will never know the kind of love I have for them until they are on this dance floor in Heaven with Me. In the meantime, I would like them to make practice runs. Simply go to the holy place of your imagination and visualize a grand ballroom with Me standing there in full, formal, military attire, saying, 'May I have this dance?'

     "Bowing before you, I take your hand in Mine, and gently hold you as we begin to gracefully waltz around the floor. No matter that on Earth you could not dance, here in My arms it is second nature to you as we glide along. No matter that you are a man on Earth - for these moments in Heaven, you are My Bride. As you settle into this gentle place with Me, our eyes meet and you begin to feel a fleeting wave of admiration coming from My eyes. Being shy, you dare not look into My eyes for very long... yet. But, as the evening wears on, our eyes meet, more and more until we are both gazing into one another's eyes, drinking from the deep pools of pure celestial love for one another.”

taken from: Jesus said, “May I Have This Dance?”