Eternal Life


      “If you are not working for Me in this hour, you are standing before Me blind and naked.  Rise up and take on your Master’s business.  Bring forth fruit worthy of My Bride, and while you are doing this I will see to it that you grow into the fullness of who I’ve called you to be as My Spouse.  My promise to you is life eternal and the choicest lands of Heaven, the sweetest intimacy possible to a created soul.  Don’t let Me down in this hour; rise up, harness yourself to My carriage, for My yoke is easy, My burden is light, and I will make joyful for you the act of going out and gathering to Me My Bride.”

taken from: Blood Moon Rapture, Prophetic Word


      Well, getting back to this soaking prayer. Which we’ve termed Dwelling Prayer now, because what we try to teach is that the Lord dwells in us and we are entering into the place where He dwells. Which is also the door to Heaven - He is the door to the sheepfold, He is the door to eternal life.

      No one come to the Father except he comes through Him. John 14:6

taken from: Dwelling Prayer 2


      "So, now I tell you there is but a short way to go, but it's going to get stormy. Stay onboard, don't fall into despair and jump overboard. You have all come so far, the devils are filled with wrath for you who have grown deeply intimate with Me. He will attack this channel, but you stand on the truth you have experienced in your own hearts and do not give way to illusions and clever arguments. Follow your heart and protect what I have sown in it.

      "This is why I say things will get stormy, but there is only One whom you have to please… that is Me. So, stand in courage and strength and turn a deaf ear to detractors lest you lose what you have gained for eternal life.”

taken from: The Frustration and Anger of Waiting for Jesus



      “Now that we have established your new life in Me, I wish for you to rest. Yes, rest. Your life is hidden in Me now. No more striving. Striving to become holy, striving to accomplish, striving to produce, striving to impress... No, that is over now. All shall be done by Me, through you. Wait for Me to move. Catch the wind of My Spirit. Flow with My leadings… I am at the helm, My Spirit powers the sails, together we will live this new life, together we will finally arrive at Our final destination - the very shores of Eternal Life.” 

taken from: Rope of Grace


      "Some of you listening to this will come before the Judgment Seat, where all your works, good and bad, will be exposed and your fate for eternity will be determined.  To you I say, you are facing choices in this very moment that will determine the rest of your journey, your life path - whether you will live a life of virtue or a life of sin, whether you will serve Me or serve the Devil, whether you will die in virtue or die in sin. 

      "I am coming back. This is no time to play with fire.  This is no time to compromise. Rather this is the time to renounce and repent of your sins and compromises.  This is a time to embrace brotherly love, extend a hand of help, live for the good of others, not for your own advantage.  This is a critical season. Many of you listening will be facing physical death this year. If you are not right with Me, come, come to My loving arms and though your sins be as scarlet I will wash them white as snow.

      "You are not guaranteed life tomorrow. Yet Heaven and Hell lie directly before you. Choose this day who you will serve, and if it is Me, you have only to ask for the strength to break from your sinful past, and I will enfold you in My arms with great compassion and forgiveness.  However, if you choose to continue on in your sinful ways, I have warned you, death is at the door and your tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Do not sell your souls for a trifle.

      "Repent, break with sin, come to Me. I will restore you and rebirth you into life eternal, fully equipped to live a holy life, from the inside out.

      "I am here for you. Come."

taken from: Your Tomorrow is Not Guaranteed

      “My people, even if they should bring you before the executioner for your faith in Me, be not afraid. In seconds, I will embrace you for eternity. Mercy will surround and anesthetize you in those last moments.  Supernatural peace will also engulf you as you are led forth to execution.  I know it is hard for you to accept now, and even some of you tremble in fear, but I tell you the truth: it will be much harder for those who must live hidden lives, than for those who come to Me early for their faith.

      "In any case, I will be at your right hand and waiting for you to join Me in Eternity, where I have Joy Eternal planned for you, and you will forever be joined to Me.”

taken from: Evading Capture, Jesus Instructs Us


      "That day, you will at long last discover your indescribable beauty, hidden from you during your earthly sojourn. That day, you will put on the incorruptible, untarnishable crown of eternal life and step up to the throne I have created for you since before time began. No, this surely will not be a time of correction and purification, it shall be a time of transformation and freedom from the past.”

taken from: The Rapture, What You Will Experience


      "You may not see it now, but in eternity all will be crystal clear and all those things you never understood will be thoroughly revealed to you. Oh, what a joy it will be to go back in time and understand how I was present to you and leading you even though you didn't perceive it.

      "Beneath every event on this Earth, there is mercy. I could not sustain creation without it. My heart would break if I did not bring Good forth, from disaster. Many of you look upon the approaching great Tribulation with fear and trembling. And well you should, it will be a time unparalleled in grief."

      "But it must happen to clear the way for My Kingdom to manifest on this Earth. Evil must be harnessed and held in abeyance that you may grow into the spotless creature I made you to be. The Earth must be cleansed from the foulness of greed, the destructive chemicals, the diseases brought forth by evil men, the desolation of the lands I made beautiful, the trash and off---scouring of industry that has so defiled the pristine Creation I made for your enjoyment. The way must be cleared, My children, and it is not going to be pretty.

      "The institution of My Government, will cause all to come forth, grow, expand, create, joyfully bringing forth the fullness of the gifts I have bestowed on man. What a wonder it will be to see farming, industry, education, proceed without destroying the Earth or the pristine beauty I will restore to it.

      "All will be given tasks to complete, artisans, politicians, farmers, educators. All that you have now will come forth without corruption and the greatest focus of all will be on worshipping Me. It won't be knowledge, wealth, beauty or talent; it will be the love of your brother and Me. Oh, how this will change every thing. It will turn bitter, bitter, things to sweet and nourishing. You will not be suppressed or misunderstood, rather all will bend to your needs and wishes, just as you will have the heart of a servant and bend to them. Great satisfaction will be found in serving and notoriety will be scorned in favor of equality. Yet each will still shine in their own unique and brilliant way. Not to attract attention, but to shed light on the glory of MY life inside of them and its fruits.”

taken from: My Mercy and the Millennium


      "Though it is My love for you that brings you to repentance, and the rejection of sin and evil. (Romans 2:4) It is well that you should hate these things. But, how can you hate what I love? I love YOU. So, how can you hate you? You can't. You shouldn't! It's NOT what I intended. If I wanted you to hate yourself, I wouldn't have come into the world to bring you eternal life. Rather, I'd bring eternal condemnation.

      "But is it not written, 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. That whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.' John 3:16’

Taken from: You Must Love Yourself

Before You Can Love Your Brother