Aliens (Demons)


     (A mother's words the moment after her one-year-old baby is taken in the Rapture) "I'm so confused, so lost, so terrified! Oh somebody, help me, please! Please! What's going on? Everywhere I turn, parents are holding empty clothes in desperation, weeping bitterly.

      "Oh, this can't be happening. I'm in a nightmare. I'm going to wake up....I'm going to wake up!! "But's real. I'm not dreaming. No one knows what's happened. I can't stop trembling. I'm in shock. Only moments ago she was safe here in my arms. The sun glistened off her golden hair and she laughed at the wind.

      "We were so happy, she was so innocent. Now her dress lies limp on my arm, her little sandals on the ground. Is she no more? Oh, somebody help me...what happened? What happened??

"If there is a God and He is Real, tell me what happened to my angel, my little girl, tell me...where is she?

      "...No, it can't be, she's been Raptured?? Oh, that's just a myth - a fairy tale, that can't be it. No intelligent person believes that stuff. But...she's gone and everywhere...our children are gone...

      "Is it aliens? Could it be...all the children...Raptured? But why? Why, God? Why??"

taken from: Left Behind in Nuclear War…


     "You are correct, but not all the forces of evil have been harnessed, Clare; there is still much hidden from the world."

But will the Father allow the Rapture as long as the world is turning around?

"That is a good question. I cannot answer that at this time, Beloved. You are getting a little too curious and looking into things far beyond you. However, I have to say your logic is sound; you just don't know about the forces of evil that play into this."

     You mean like the demon-aliens and their part?

"Yes. And more you know nothing of.”

taken from: God is Hearing the Russian People…


     He has repeatedly called us to account to examine our lives, to make sure we are ready when He comes. He has taught us to discern the truth from lies, and virtue from a lukewarm life.

      If I were here for myself, and deliberately trying to deceive you, all I would do is spit out fiery sermons on repentance and sin. With maybe a little love thrown in once in a while. My whole approach would be the Rapture, the Rapture, the Judgments, the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the tsunamis...Over and Over and Over again. The aliens. That would be my focus and maybe we'd have 50,000 subscribers instead of 9,000. Everyone would be hanging on my next word.

     But, I encourage you to look at the fruit in your own lives. Are you closer to Jesus now than you've ever been? Do you see your faults and sins more clearly than ever? Is your prayer life deeper? Are you getting your own visitations from the Lord? In short, are you increasing in virtue and cleaning your Bridal gown? Or are you titillated by the next juicy prophecy about Yellowstone taking down America, earthquakes in California, and the US splitting down the middles, etc. etc…

taken from: Rapture When?


     We have found that in this day and age that we're also dealing with extraterrestrial oppression.

     That is to say that these demon entities that inhabit demon bodies, I call them demon aliens, are sometimes a sign, they are all part of a Spirit of darkness, they are all part of Satan's kingdom. They're just fallen angels that have figured out a way to manifest physically cause they're highly intelligent so they know all the rules of physics, ones that we know and we don't know - and they actually oppress you.

     We discovered that there was a UFO hovering over our house, way up high in the atmosphere, and they were beaming down an oppression into this house that you could cut with a knife, it was so thick.

taken from: Experiencing Jesus in Dwelling Prayer


     Can you imagine that? Thousands of body bags suddenly coming to life as Christians who were killed in the holocaust rise from the dead right before the eyes of Homeland Security employees? WOW! That has to be a witness. They will see that and hear the prepared propaganda that aliens not a 'Rapture' took people from the Earth. But they will be witnesses that no aliens were present at their resurrection! And as I shared in an earlier video these souls will shoot up to the Throne Room like Fourth of July fireworks!

taken from: What If This Were Your Last Few Weeks…


     "There is also an increase in activity before demon aliens make their public entrance on the Earth. Everything is orchestrated to bring forward the last kingdom that will rule the entire world, synchronistically.

"Demon aliens will be enlisted by that government to search out and destroy communities of resisters, along with clones that will come forth from every corner of the Earth. Even now, small pods of such creatures inhabit even the most remote areas of the world, waiting for the word to come forth to search and destroy resisters. This new government would not be possible were it not for the help of these clones."

"The skies will be so full of demon aliens that people will be beside themselves with shock and awe. In the very beginning, they will be led to believe they are benign. Then without warning, the supposed evil ones will 'invade' and a war in the heavens will break out. This is only a staged even to galvanize all the countries into one government."

taken from: Jesus Speaks On What is to Come #6


     "Learn of Me, for I am meek and humble of heart. I have left you innumerable love letters - read them, believe them, allow them to take root in your heart. There is no joy that is compared to knowing and loving Me. This knowledge of Me and My love for you, unworthy as you are, will sustain you through every trial. No matter what you go through, I will be there on your right, holding your hand, speaking to you, comforting you. Nothing can separate you from My Love.


"Not anything on the Earth or above the Earth, not aliens, not death,

not even when you fall - still I am by your side to pick you back up.

Nothing can separate you from My Love.”

taken from: Jesus Speaks On What Is To Come #5


     Well, in this dream I was in town somewhere - and I was visiting a lady, a poor woman who was living in a trailer park. I could see a disc satellite dish out in a vacant field about two streets over. It was on a busy street like a boulevard in an industrial area with high-powered electric lines. I had the understanding that they were tracking devices in the store-bought items in the house, even in the food like the cereal and canned goods. It made me angry and I knew that satellite dish was tracking us, so I did something - and for the life of me, guys, I don't remember what it was I did. …Don't know what it was but the dish fell over and started rolling until it just came to a stop. Totally disabled.

     There was a young woman who was from the New world Order that came into the trailer. She and I kind of hit loggerheads with each other. And she said, "Do you want me to call for back up?" She called before I could even answer her and a van pulled up outside the trailer with five big guys who got out.

     They came into the trailer - and actually they were pretty well mannered, they weren't real bullying. They came into the trailer the way the police would come into a non-threatening situation, kind of to check out what was going on.

     One of the men in his 20's sat down with me on the couch and began asking me questions. I could soon tell that something else was on his mind - not sure what. But I began telling him, "You don't really believe these people you are working for are on the up and up with you, do you?" He looked at me with interest.

     I continued, "They're going to use you until you are no longer useful, then they'll do away with you. Probably leave you and your buddies locked out when a neutron bomb hits or lock you out of their underground cities and let you die of the plague. In any case, they are being used by the aliens, who are really demons sent to destroy the Earth - and you are being used by them. In the end, they will get what they have sown to others as well."

taken from: NOW & Russian Troupes…