"These recruits have been convinced they are doing a good thing by killing every man woman and child in the name of Allah. They will find a vent for their anger at mankind and the hard lives they lived because of the selfishness of many - the inequality, being rejected and looked down upon. They will be dazed with blood lust. And there will be no stopping them without lethal force.

"Yet, I will have My pockets of survivors, those who have not bent the knee to Baal. I will protect them, but they will suffer much. They will be tried by fire and when I come - be found worthy. This will be a very small percentage of mankind. Your family will be among those survivors. Much of what you taught them growing up was preparation for this time. There will be much brokenness and repentance among them.”

taken fromJesus Speaks On: What Is To Come After the Rapture,

Order of Events - Part 1


     “It is of the utmost importance that you put others before yourself. When I came into the world, I did not lord it over others. No, I bent the knee and humbled Myself, washing the feet of My disciples. The lowliest job in the house – left for the lowliest servant. That is what a leader does – he, or she, looks after the interests of others.

“Much, even in your survival and the survival of your loved ones, will depend on your total reliance on Me and My ways. I will always, always provide a way out for those who have humbled themselves and relied totally on Me.

“Though the mountains shake and the seas roar, I will be with you and never abandon you. You will know them by their love and humility. You will recognize those who are sincere by whether or not they are authentically humble. Anger, back biting, strife, insisting on your ways, those are the ticket to defeat. That is NOT humble behavior.”

taken from: Jesus Speaks On: After the Rapture, part 5


     "It's been hounding everyone. These doubts come in waves and sweep over everyone who is waiting for me. You can be sure that what you are experiencing is universal to those who are earnestly waiting for My coming. In other words, you are not alone in this. This is why when I give you a post, immediately it soothes the hearts of so many.   

     "These things are broadcast so to speak. Sent out at large, 'in the air'."  

     What is their source?

     "Need you ask?"

      I mean human or demonic.

     "Either way, it is what is behind it. But to answer you, demonic. Although mood alterations are also applied by man through electronic devices to sow confusion, anger and depression. This is why communing with Me is so important. This is why so much effort was put into developing a technology that would modify the brain in such a way that the person would lose interest in all things spiritual. This has been a benchmark breakthrough.

     "My Love, that is the science that developed this evil technology. It is commonly thought to be good for religious fanatics, terrorists, etc. But as usual, man found a more evil and practical application in mind control."

     Lord, once a person is infected with this will you over-ride it?

     "In some situations, yes. But generally speaking if it is received voluntarily with full understanding of the result produced, most likely, no, I will not over-ride it. This is the technology to be used in the 'mark.' Although, it has been distributed widely through other programs, unknown to those who have been victimized. In these cases especially, I will interrupt the device’s ability to turn the mind away from Me.

"It is so treacherous, Clare, so very treacherous and widespread as inoculations have been carriers even to children in schools.”                                                                                                                                                       taken from: Jesus is Waiting On The Turn Key Event


     "When you are under attack you will not feel gentle conviction. When you are under attack from the enemy, you will feel heavy condemnation, as if anger is being hurled at you, and it is, if you could see it in the demonic dimension. You are being attacked, downgraded, debilitated, robbed of your peace and joy, feeling hopelessness. That is a dead giveaway that what is being fed to you is from the demonic realm.

"My Brides, be ever so vigilant. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy. Anytime you are entertaining a thought of that nature you can be sure who the author of it is. Do not be leagued to the devil, do not throw in your lot with the devil whose purpose is to destroy what is good and uplifting. Resist his suggestions and pray to Me to overcome yourself, whatever your motive might be.”

taken from: God's Correction


Jesus continued, “All those years of not being able to lash back at injustices, real or merely perceived. Many times inspired by demonic entities, fueling lies to build the emotions to boiling with nowhere to exit, just getting shoved and shoved and shoved deeper down and bottled up in the soul-ish realm.

"It is very much like the crust of the Earth, if you were to replace each continental mass and assign it a name. Violent, alcoholic parents; brutal child abuse. With another continent: teachers and peers at school. And yet another continent: police inmates and judges. Yet another continent: the public and rejection from jobs.  All of these plates cause stress at different times and heat up the layers inside a person, forming great magma chambers of anger. Sometimes the magma escapes in little streams or blows up and they end up incarcerated.  Other times the pressure and the pain becomes so great, the soul is eaten up with evil imaginings on how to retaliate and is constantly picking violent fights and brutalizing others.

"…Nonetheless, I approach every soul with a way out of the loop of violent retaliation.  It is their choice to fall in with demons... or fall in with Me. The issue is many times the relief of repressed feelings, rejection, helplessness, hopelessness and injustice. Any escape is relief to their tormented feelings."

taken from: Why A Soul Rejects Love


“…  A root of bitterness is a toxic root. It gives off deadly acids, much like the soil beneath the cedar tree.  Nothing can grow beneath a cedar, because what is released from the roots is toxic to other plants.  That means the soil in the garden of your soul is being poisoned.  All that can flourish in this toxic soil is anger, resentment, retaliation, jealousy and hatred.  Then you must work to disguise these evils under a smile and fair words. This will eventually wear you out and open the door for disease in your body.”

taken from: How a Root of Bitterness Can

Change Your Destiny and DNA


“Do not let the enemy come in and dissuade you into unbelief.

"He is cruising to steal from you through anger, bitterness, resentment and foolish fears. When you feel those things rising in your emotions, it is the enemy stealing from you. He wants to take away your sweetness, your presence with Me, and the overflow I fill you with.

     "He loves to incite anger to drain you before you can even begin your day or finish a project or your prayers. He loves to lie in your ear, cause you to erupt into anger or fear and then drain you of all you had planned for the day and you run off to tend to these decoys. He is very clever and he knows which buttons to push, because his agents, the demons, are forever observing you and taking notes."

taken from: Sweet Aroma of Holiness


“There most certainly is a root of bitterness in every one of you. It is your job, with My Holy Spirit to identify it, renounce it and pray I will remove it.

"This exercise should not take you long, and it will not hinder your going into eternity. There are many of you that could be detained for unforgiveness. If you have bitterness in your heart, it is the ugliest of stains and will show right on the front of your wedding gown. So, be sure to rid yourself of that. Disarm it. By that I mean, refuse to allow it to pull you into a fury. Renounce this anger and unforgiveness in My Name, and refuse to connect with it. If you are faithful to make an honest effort, I will surely be faithful to totally remove it.”

taken from: Get Ready For Your Journey