When we criticize other people, we are the ones who are suffering. Yes, that other person suffers, but we are the ones who are really suffering, because it causes alienation from the Lord. It’s our choice. It’s our choice to please Him in our thoughts and our words and to work on these things – or to let it go and don’t pay any attention to it, and just do what the world accepts as normal. And it’s NOT normal in Heaven – “let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Gossip – it does not exist in Heaven. Judging and Criticizing does not exist in Heaven. What does exist in Heaven, are the saints making excuses for each other – although in Heaven, we tend to be perfect. But what does exist in Heaven is charity. And charity covers a multitude of sins.

     “As you know the wounded wound,” the Lord said. “There is no other solution for the Body than to stop wounding, or the cycle will never be broken. When the soul is intimately bound to Me, and knows Me, not only do I heal them with My love – but they feel the grief I feel when a deprecating word is spoken about another. The Body is eating itself alive. This truly must stop if the soul wants to be in Heaven with Me. Rancor, jealousy and bitterness cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

     “One sign of those who are to be Raptured is the refusal to speak negatively about anyone, and their genuine charity towards the faults of others, even and especially when they are the victims of that fault. I don’t care how many prayer meetings, church services, good works, tithes, or healings and miracles they work – if they are critical and judgmental, they will not be taken.”

     Oh, Lord – we all have these tendencies in that direction. How then can anyone be saved?

     “My daughter, My Bride – what is not possible with man is possible with God if attention is poured into the intimate relationship with Me. You see, when a soul enters this holy of holies, they become One with Me, and through communion, one flesh as well. And this place is so sweet that they learn not to do anything to rob them of this sweetness. They can feel Me recoil in pain when they are critical of another. This hurts them, too.”

taken from: Prophetic Word Rapture & Conflict in Marriage 

     “How I long to gather you to Myself. Press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called You Heavenward in Me. For I will bring you to the joy and peace of your eternal home.

     “When you arrive, you will see souls going to and fro, all very natural, all very orderly according to My Purpose. You will see, that just as upon the Earth, My People will be serving, praying, praising, and working along with the Salvific Plan for all souls, even until the end of the world.

     “Though glorified and perfect, you will yet resemble the human state that you previously lived in - only purified, reflecting Me and My Own Image authentically and genuinely. You will all be perfectly humble, with perfect divine charity, wisdom, and grace. You will love Me and one another with absolute sweetness. Holiness will abound, and permeate everyone and everything, as with the words to the precious nativity song, “All is calm, all is bright.” I will reach you there, instantly, without the slightest delay when you call. I will spread My cloak over you, and draw you again and again to My Heart, that you may drink fully of the consolations of your God.”

taken from: Your True Home, Chronicles of the Bride in Heaven


     Ezekiel: …having a hard time with the Lord lately, losing touch with Him? Did we lean on someone hard? Children, family, grocery store clerk, whoever. Were we hard or harsh with somebody? We can't beat our fellow servants, we've been given and forgiven so much. He’ll come down on that hard.

     Clare: That's huge, that is so huge. Charity is so, so important. Charity and humility are two things that… the Lord, if you're serious about Him and are really committed to Him, He's not going to let you slide in those areas. Because those are the things that He honors the most, that He values the most in a soul, is their humility and their charity. And if we don't reflect that humility and charity of Jesus, He will definitely withdraw from us to get our attention. There's nothing really worse that I have found, personally, in my walk with the Lord that has grieved Him more than being hard and harsh with some judgment, because we hurt people, whether it's spoken or not spoken. An unspoken word still has the ability to cut a soul. You can feel when people are gossiping about you, saying things about you, and it

hurts. It's destructive, and He hates to see someone suffer.

     Ezekiel: Or you can feel when you have said or done something, you can feel that conviction. Do we heed that conviction, or do we just go on? Or, are we listening to conversations where we should just say, "Stop, this is wrong. We shouldn't be talking like this". And if it continues, remove yourself from that company. That will cause Him to pull back, it sure will.

taken from: Spiritual Dryness, 2 of 2, Heaven Talk


     “Humility, self-control, honesty, and charity are absolutely essential if you want Me to walk with you. If you are used to leading and getting your own way, you won't do very well as a leader. If you are unsure of yourself and know that you need Me more than ever, you will excel as a leader.

     “My children, the ways of the world that you have learned are totally inappropriate here. I protect those who humble themselves before Me. If you are prancing around proudly with all the answers, you are bound for destruction.

     “I am counting on your breaking when you realize all you've been taught by friends and family has just come to pass before your very eyes. I am counting on you face flat on the floor begging forgiveness for your pride and arrogance. I am laying the groundwork for you to survive the trials that are now at your door, both body and soul.

     “If you humble yourself before Me, I will most certainly be with you. Even if you are in a long-standing habit of pride and arrogance, and are aware of your sin and want to be delivered, I will work with you. But if you insist on your own wisdom, I can do little for you.”

taken from: Jesus Speaks On: After the Rapture, part 5                                                                                                       Who I Can Protect and Who I Cannot Protect


     "Yes, in Heaven it will be safe. But on Earth, knowledge puffs up but charity edifies. In other words, you are safer little, unlearned and dependent on Me for understanding. I can impart to you in time so small it cannot be measured by human standards, the deepest understanding of the most complex truths. Whereas you could spend thirty years in studies of Hebrew and Aramaic and still fall short of understanding. So, trust in Me, lean not on your own understanding, and I shall direct your paths of understanding.”

taken from: The Great Revival After the Rapture


     "This is what I intended 'church' to be. A coming Home to the safety of My arms. Yes, there are lessons to be learned but when a soul is steeped in My Love, the things they must give up seem inconsequential, so empty. Yet so rarely is such a place found. Once the formality of accepting Me sets in, the rule books come out and I get lost in the translation. Truly, there is not one denomination that is better than another. All have lost the meaning of the family Love, the family of God, the love that expresses everything about My nature. And so that soul ends up living by the rules when I would have them here in My Heart, living by love.

      "This is what is missing, has been missing and will no longer be missing as I bring my people back to Me. Love will be the order of the day, the order of every day, every night, every moment of life. So, now I must scrap all these conflicting rules and regulations, statutes, books, jots and tittles created by man. I must sweep the floor clean of all confusion, all contention and start from scratch. Building from a foundation of love, with building blocks of truth, charity as the mortar, humility as the roof - for without humility nothing can stand, absolutely nothing.

     "So, I want My people to understand: if they are focused on rules and formulas they are doing Me an injustice; they are feeding broken rocks to the lonely and unsaved. Judgment, criticism, scorn and contempt because of their lifestyle is the last thing they should ever have a hint of. Instead, take one by the hand and love them. Be understanding, listen, comfort, lead gently with calm assurance that your God has what they need. The compassion - let them see that in you. Please don't ever present legalities and rote Scriptures! Rather, tenderly draw them in to a safe space, befriend them, lead them by example. Feed them the Word gently. Time is so short, My Bride, people are lonely and broken, sin-sick in this world - handle them with extreme care."

taken from: Draw Souls To Me With The Fragrance of My Love