Comforting the Lord


     "And those who are about My business, pressing in? They make Me cry for joy. Why, you say? Because their hearts are one with Mine, and they comfort Me with their love for their brother.”

taken from: What’s Delaying the Rapture?


     “I dread this event. Come. Live in My Heart. See what I must see, feel what I feel and understand; while you are looking at a celebration and freedom from this Earth, I am looking at holocaust.

     "Do not jump to conclusions here. I did not say I'm changing the timing. Rather, I am asking you to join your heart to Mine and see what I am enduring in these moments. Minute by minute, it is pure torture. Yet at some point, it must go forth. All mankind, busy about their daily lives, will suddenly be thrown into an abyss of excruciating pain and loss, confusion. And be in utter shock, stunned, speechless, unable to think. This is what I face minute by minute, until My Father releases it. And then I must deal with the aftermath. Another horror story, horror so great you cannot in your mortal minds understand all the repercussions.

     "Oh, stay by My side, My Brides! Comfort Me as the angel comforted Me in the Garden before My arrest. Wrap your tender arms around Me and comfort Me, for never has there been a time of travail such as is coming upon the earth, and I dread it with all My being. Yet, My Mercy will take over situation after situation at the appropriate time for each poor soul involved.

     "This is what I wanted to talk with you about today. I need your comfort, your prayers for mankind, those who have been made in My image whether they be good or bad. It is not My heart to see them suffer this way. It is not My Heart.

     "Please, I am asking you. Stay by My side, give every spare moment to Me. Truly, I am walking the way of the Cross again and to those of you who have chosen to accompany Me, I tell you it means more to Me than I can ever express. This is the darkest hour for humanity; this is what all flesh has dreaded. It will overtake the whole world and throw it into a chaos which has never been known…”

taken from: This is My Darkest Hour, Stay With Me

     "You are My designated assistant."

     Wow! What do I do?

     "Follow Me around, comfort Me and keep Me company." He said very matter-of-factly.

     Oh Lord, what an honor.

     "No, what a blessing that one of My Creations can't stand to be without Me for an instant."

taken from: We’re Going Home


     Tonight in prayer the Lord was on the cross, one mass of bloody flesh. I was beside Him like being on the cross on His left. He is always on my right. After a very long time He was standing on the ground and I was in His arms. Both of us were wearing crowns of thorns, and He was sobbing.

     "Bitter, bitter, bitter, what I must do, is so bitter. Oh, comfort Me, Clare, I really needed you to stay with Me today."

     I am so sorry Lord, please help me be more obedient.

     "Well, you are here now, and I am glad - stay with Me."

taken from: Attacks Against the Faith Are on the Way…


     "I'm right beside you. Relishing your discovery of how much I love and honor you. I want to speak to My Brides about how much comfort they bring Me.”

taken from: You Are My Bride, My Garden Sealed


     "When I see your devotion, your daily struggles, your fresh resolve, your careful examination of conscience and self-correction, I rejoice that such a one as this has given their lives to Me. I find great solace and joy in dwelling in your hearts and listening to the meditations of your mind as you continue to draw closer and closer to Me, until we are one. I see your dry spells and watch your grief when you do not feel My presence, though I am with you always.

     "I see how you recommit your life to Me sometimes hour by hour, day by day, saying over and over again, 'I just want more of You, Jesus. I want to love You with my whole heart.' I hear the times you cry out from the heart, 'Lord, have Mercy on these souls.' I approve the meditations of your hearts and the faithfulness you reach for daily.

     "How can I possibly describe to you the indescribable joy you bring Me?”

taken from: You Are My Bride, My Garden Sealed


     "Yes, there is a fragrance about a soul that continually yields to Me. It is sweet and comforting to Me. So many, I can't even get close to. The poison of rancor is so intense I cannot stand to be close. See to it, all My People, that the odor of rancor does not proceed from your thoughts. Yes, the activity of your brain emanates this fragrance. When it is sweet, it is as if I were walking through a well-kept garden. When it is noxious, it is the odor of death and decaying flesh. You can hardly understand how terribly bad it is."

taken from: Sweet Aroma of Holiness…


     I felt that I must seek out His presence and comfort Him. I felt Him all day today, but I really especially wanted to really be with Him, with all of my attention focused on Him.

     Ezekiel and I have been feeling snippets of sorrow from His heart and tonight all I cared to do was hold and comfort Him. There are times in our lives and the lives of others when words are not necessary. Just a hug and comfort is all that can be given.

taken from: Mercy! Comet Will Only Graze Earth


     “…just the sight of one of My Brides sitting quietly with Me on her mind, though it be interrupted by a thousand and one thoughts... still, it brings Me much comfort and pleasure. Here is an analogy you will all understand. When I have been hard at it all the day and night long...though My energy is without limit, My feelings are enormous. And like a pebble thrown into still waters, it vibrates all through My being.”        taken from: The Lord Savors His Time With Us


     "Yes, ‘Jesus, I trust in You.' when said from the heart, in total conviction, are the most beautiful words you could ever say to Me. You are saying, 'I know You, Jesus. I know You are faithful, I know You are omnipotent and can do everything, no matter how difficult. That nothing at all is beyond Your ability. And I know that You love me and all You ordain for my life springs from that love that drove You to be crucified on the Cross, so my purpose in life could be


     "Nothing, no Nothing, is more comforting to My Heart than to see you believe and act on these words in a world where God is just a nebulous, neutral force playing with peoples lives and the elements.”

taken from: If You Love Me – Rapture – Sexual Temptations…


      Well I do remember when we first came together tonight, You were all bloody with the crown of thorns and You put a crown of thorns on my head, too. And, then you held me and as I said I was sorry, Your wounds began to heal. Did I cause your wounds to open, Lord?

     "What do you think?"

     Well, I would say yes, except you gave me a crown of thorns, too. And that just doesn't fit.

     "That bears repeating"

     'That doesn't fit?'

     "Exactly. I want you to resemble Me by doing My will. When you receive My will with humility and cooperation, you resemble and comfort Me, the crown fits. But, when you throw it back in My Face, with ingratitude and rebellion, well… I have to wear that crown and those stripes all over again. I know that you know this...did you forget already? It hurts Me, Clare.”

taken from: The Lord Savors His Time With Us


     “Tell them that I need their sufferings and oppressions for innocent little ones being murdered in cold blood. In this furnace of affliction, you are removing the sufferings of so many little innocents. What is being done is beyond human, it is pure demonic. That is why so many on your channel right now are going through very, very hard times."

     And again, an aside on that is, when you're a Bride, truly the Bride of Christ and truly have your heart and mind riveted on the Lord - you pick up on His suffering and on the things that He's having to go through in watching what's going on in the world. You're there to comfort Him. It's a very intimate relationship.

     The Lord continued: "Part of your depression is a suffering in the subconscious for what is happening with others."

taken from: Terrors of ISIS, Please Intercede