"You see, when you put forth effort and begin to feel like you are slipping, getting tired, restless, bored... immediately you should suspect interference. These are NOT natural feelings. They are generated by demons operating under sloth and laziness to cause you to let go of your attention from Me or what I've given you to do."

     But, Lord - what about the times when I feel sleepy? I thought these were ordained by You? Is this opposition, or You?

     He answered, "A very good question and here discernment is needed. When I am allowing this to rejuvenate you on deeper levels, I will invite you to lay down and enter into My rest. For the most part, when we are together in worship and communion, I do not allow interference. But when you are prevented from connecting with Me, then you may suspect opposition. This is the time to pray and bind until we are once more together in sweet fellowship."

taken from: How the Enemy Blocks Your Creativity…


     "Begin your morning with Me, Clare. You have fallen for the enemy's ploy to rip you away from Me. You know what a perfectly balanced day looks like. You have some wonderful people on this channel and they understand when you don't have a message up first thing."

     "But Lord, I feel badly because I know they look forward to hearing from You."

     "If they would say to Me, 'Jesus, Clare did not put a message up yet, would you please give me something to feed on from Your own hand?' I guarantee they will be quite surprised with what they come up with. Sitting quietly before Me, after communion, pen or computer in hand, pour your heart out to Me, My Brides. Speak tenderly to Me about your fears, insecurities, hurts and disappointments. And your joys, too! Thanksgiving is the key to My heart. I do so much for My own and yet they forget to thank Me. They take Me for granted like their husband of 30 years.”

taken from: Nourishment Every Day



       I am going to take a moment here to explain something to you again. Something which bears repeating, again and again, to be sure you really, truly absorb and believe it.

     The Lord has broken through my icy barriers and won over my poor, trembling heart. What I want to say is that this is in the truest sense a Monogamous Heavenly marriage, no sex, but communion through receiving His Body and Blood.

     I want you all to understand: I, as a soul bear, very unique attributes endowed into me by God, and I bear that unique pattern just as if it were a fingerprint. In My Lord's heart, He also has that unique combination of attributes He imparted to me at conception even before time and eternity began.

     Yes, He conceived me in His Heart, as one who would fulfill His needs for a soul to return worship to her creator in a very unique way. No other individual on this Earth can ever take my place in His Heart. He is totally mine, and I am totally His.

     Now, this is what I want you to understand. You, too, are a unique masterpiece and combination of qualities that no one on this Earth can match. You are endowed with a combination of patterns just like a fingerprint, that somewhere finds its total completion and its total perfect match in the Lord. He created you to be His spouse forever, bringing to Him the unique joys that you were endowed with when He created you. You are the ONLY one who can satisfy that desire in Him.

     Because He is GOD, He is quite able to be billions of perfect sets of attributes, or individual finger prints that can only be matched by the one He conceived in His Heart. Therefore, He is totally and uniquely yours and yours alone in that combination of attributes. You are perfect for one another. A perfect fit, a pair conceived in Heaven.

taken from: Please, Receive My Love


     “That's the exact point: I give the grace, you correspond. When I say I want My Bride's heart emptied, I mean, less attention on every little facet of life apart from Me and My will. For instance, vain manicures, and hair, cosmetics, stylish clothing, and matching outfits and accessories. These things, unless they are necessary to your work, occupy space in your hearts and minds that

could be dwelling in the abundance of My Spirit.

      "You see, when you attach significance to these things, you may not be actively thinking of them, but you are easily snagged by all that relates to them. These are some of the distractions that make prayer more difficult for many. But when you cast off the yoke of your pleasures to make room for My Pleasure, then your communion with Me goes deeper, much deeper as matters of the flesh melt away. That's what I'm getting at.   

     "Not everyone is ready to let go of earthly pleasures to have more of Me, but as they seek Me in their own ways, eventually they head in that direction. I have sublime patience with all those who reach towards Me.”   taken from: Rapture – We Are Approaching the Point …


     "My daughter, My Bride - what is not possible with man is possible with God if attention is poured into the intimate relationship with Me. You see, when a soul enters this holy of holies, they become One with Me, and through communion, one flesh as well. And this place is so sweet that they learn not to do anything to rob them of this sweetness. They can feel Me recoil in pain when they are critical of another. This hurts them, too."

 taken from: Prophetic Word: Rapture & Conflict in Marriage


     "My Precious - always put Me first. Do not allow the demons to shift your attention off of Me. This is a priceless gift that we share together. It took a long time to cultivate. It can be ruined very quickly. It is the little foxes that ruin the vine. This is an age-old strategy of Satan - little by little, line upon line, draw her - the Bride's attention - off. Just a little bit each day. Eventually, she's way off and the gift is gone. No crime scene, just an absence of what used to be a sweet communion and relationship, one that nourished and built up the Bride into a fountain of living waters.

     "There are so many I long to rest in the arms of, but alas, they are taken up with the world, and have no taste for My companionship. Faithfulness draws the faithful. I will put a longing in hearts for something different, something radically different from the lives they are leading. Just as I did for you. First, they must grow weary of all that is around them. There must come a point where it all means nothing to them. When they are at this point, then I can lead them and guide them into that relationship. But mark these words: they must be at the point of weariness with the world and all its allurements."

taken from: Longing for a Radical Love for Jesus…


     "But you, My Bride, must be nourished on My Body and My Blood as well. This is our point of physical union: the bread becomes a part of you physically, and because of that, you and I become One. You are fruitful and bear spiritual children, as well as being strengthened for the journey.

      "If you are from a liturgical church and receive communion from a priest, make sure to reinforce the words -' truly, Jesus - this is Your Body, and truly - this is Your Blood'. In this way, any lack of intention due to the destruction of the church and the faith from the inside out will be accounted for and made up for in your confession. Yes, you will repair for any lack of faith by your deep reverence and the faith proclamation of your heart. I will honor the sincere prayer of faith.”

     I think what the Lord is alluding to here is that, in this day and age there's so many different kinds of ministers and priests, who then they say, "This is Your Body and Your Blood" - they don't really mean it, they don't really believe it. And what the Lord is saying is that, YOUR confession of faith, that it truly IS His Body and Blood...that it will make up the difference for their lack of faith.

     "May I say, I ALWAYS honor the sincere prayer of faith, although I might not always answer it the way you wish. But, in matters of communion, I will.

     "It is a Mystery of redemption and salvation, sanctifying you for all eternity.

     "I long to be received into the heart of My Bride. I long to share this communion with you. I long that we should be One in every possible way. Do not deny Me access to your bodies through communion. Do not abstain from receiving Me because you have fallen. It is the sick that need communion the most. First, confess to Me what you have done, sincerely from the heart repenting, and then you may receive.”

taken from: Communion, Jesus teaches on Communion