"The enemy is plotting waves of discouragement and distraction. Discouragement comes first, leading you into seeking distractions. Do not fall for his ploys, rather stay secure in what I've given you - not only your prayer times but the messages also. Keep your focus like the captain of a great ship on the ocean. One degree off can result in the wrong destination.”

taken from: Resist Gossip & Judgment…


     "One of the most serious preparations you can make, any of you can make, is to prepare your hearts for Heaven. In Heaven there is no slander, no backbiting, no jealousy, no fear, no gossip, no hopelessness, and no depression. In Heaven there is supreme bliss. And as you choose to dwell in Me, you will have a taste of this bliss.”

taken from: Maintain Your Purity and Light, My Bride


     The Lord continued: "Part of your depression is a suffering in the subconscious for what is happening with others."

     Yeah, I've been hit with some nasty depression, and Ezekiel as well. So, part of it's a suffering in the subconscious for what's happening with others around the world.

     "You are all united by My Spirit and the Spirit is strong on little children - you are intercepting some of their cries and pleas. Many of them are too little to understand what is going on. I cannot tell you how much comfort you bring by your intercession and the cross you are carrying right now.”

taken from: Terrors of ISIS, Pleas Intercede


     "I am telling you this now so you will not grow weary in well doing. What are your crosses? Surly people who mock you, inconveniences like flat tires, frustrations when things aren't working for you, mental and spiritual pain, when you are travailing for others and they simply show no signs of conversion. You mothers and fathers are suffering greatly, because the world is so enticing to your children you just can't compete with it or their peers. Mental health, depression, anxiety. Some of you are carrying almost unbearable crosses. Cry out to Me and I will strengthen you.”

taken from: Carry the Cross, Don’t Judge…


     “This will be the day your life is transformed from something singular and special to something eternal and glorious. It will be the culmination of all the plans and dreams you never even knew you had. It will be the day you take on the mantle of Glory given to those who have left themselves and the world totally behind. It is the day I look forward to, because you shall know even as you are known.

     "This will be the day you leave pain, suffering, darkness, doubt and depression totally behind you as you walk into the life I've always longed for you to have. I know every particle of your DNA, I know what makes you exceedingly happy and fulfilled. I know your very purpose and on this day it will be your all-in-all. The angels will rejoice as we walk down the aisle, our life-long goal together having been met."

Taken from: The Deeper Meaning of Our Wedding Day…


     "I want to speak to you about Grace and it's all sufficient significance in your lives. Many, if not all of you, My Precious Brides, find fault with yourselves and fall into the trap of comparing yourself to someone who has an outstanding attribute, but in fact you know nothing of their lives. This comparison leads to discouragement over who I have fashioned you to be and leaves you open to the sin of envy, as well as emulating them so you distort who you truly are.

     "Firstly, I want you to know that no one is as they seem on the outside. No, not one. There is a hidden side to each of you, the side you have either conquered or are still hiding, hoping that it will some day die. While you are traveling this road of life I have given you graces for the moment, they are unlike the graces I have given anyone else, because you are My own unique creation.”

taken from: My Graces Accomplish All Things, Even Prayer


     "I want to talk to you about dissatisfaction and how it ruins a soul and turns them bitter. In life there are many ups and downs, and when a soul can weather these in equanimity she is way far ahead. So many things arise from dissatisfaction, bitterness, complaining, negativity, discouragement, fatigue; it spawns multiple symptoms that slacken a souls resolve and pulls them backwards.”

taken from: Follow Your Dreams…


     “They (demons) cause us to drift apart, they cause you to judge others, and they represent Me as a cruel taskmaster. Do not buy into these lies about My character, do not walk around gloomy and condemned. This is the fruit from listening to the evil ones.

     “And unfortunately, the evil ones find many willing vessels who have also lived under condemnation. So, you will hear these things from those closest to you; mother, father, brother, sister, pastor, church workers. But if your relationship is solid with Me, you will immediately recognize the enemy's signature: condemnation and accusation.

     "So, now I have taught you well; you are warned, armed and ready to take on the opposition who is afoot in great numbers at this hour. They are seeking to demoralize you, looking for your hot spots, places that still carry infection from injuries borne in the past. Oh Yes! They love to shoot their poisoned tipped arrows and make a direct hit into that still inflamed area of tenderness. Be on your guard --- they are coming to you in legion, filled with condemnation and discouragement. Do not listen, do not take it in --- be on guard, recognize and repel them. Take every thought captive. If it does not align with My loving, encouraging nature, you can be sure it is demonic masquerading as holiness.

     "Now I have warned you. RISE UP, repel and take captive.”

taken from: Discouragement & Condemnation are Afoot…


      “My beautiful ones, you are full of grace and beauty, and so highly desired and valued by Me. What you have shines from within, whereas what the world has shines from the outside... yet is dead within. You mustn't ever compare yourselves to the celebrities of this world who are fair and skilled in conveying outward beauty, but inside may very well be spiritually dead. What I see when I look upon a man or a woman is the interior light - whether it be shining brightly, barely flickering, or even non-existent.

     "When you are weighed down from this false sense of ugliness, you tend to withdraw and not allow that light to shine on others. Rather, you run and hide, are easily persuaded to give up, and are weak in your resolve to touch others. This is being used against you right now. Part of the fatigue you have been feeling is discouragement from unhealthy self-abasement. The enemy uses this as a two pronged attack. When you feel ugly on the outside, it cripples you from approaching others, and the worst part is that it returns the focus on yourself instead of on Me or the souls I send to you. It is very effective in curbing your outreach to others.

     "When you feel beautiful and inspired, you are outgoing, confident, and ready to give. This is how I wish for you to see yourselves, not as expired, old wineskins ready to be discarded."

taken from: The Uglies


     "The devils will use every little thing to cause disillusionment, discouragement, especially in yourself. Condemnation, to cause you to be less effective. For instance, when you come under condemnation, and you take the bait, the enemy will tell you, 'No use to pray now - you just blew it and God won't hear your prayer'. Like... He would have, if you'd persevered in fasting?

     "Lies and half-truths. I appreciate your fast offerings, but I also know your limits better than you do. And when the enemy inspires you to go further into a fast offering than you can handle with My grace, he will wait for you to fall and then slap you down with condemnation, making you want to abandon prayer - because, after all... you failed and they've become worthless. May I say, your prayers are NEVER worthless in these situations? Well, they are not. So, don't allow the enemy to lie to you.

taken from: Baptize Them in My Love…


      "I will amply reward you at the right time. Injustice and corruption will not reign over you forever. I will establish My Kingdom and you will live in peace, joy and prosperity of soul. So, do not give in to depression. Rather, stand your ground, knowing the final outcome: the Victory is OURS.

taken from: Resist Gossip & Judgment, Nations / World Deteriorating