"Obedience in the little things leads to obedience in the big things, and for those left behind, obedience may mean life or death. So, now is the time to seek My will, to be sure you are moving forward in obedience and not in self-will."

taken from: Are You Wise?


     I was wearing a black widow's garment and Jesus was wearing a black widower's garment.

     He began: "The death of America, spiritually and physically.

     "You know well what is being played on the surface, saber rattling, exercises near the North Pole, all of that is just for show.

     "The man people call your president, the man of stealth and intrigue who gains office by deceit is merely playing to the masses, so that when destruction comes, it will look authentic - when in reality it is no more than a superficial show to cover for the destruction of all sovereignties, that only one may dominate the world."

     "He has done a stellar job of destroying you, America. And this I have allowed, because you have played the harlot and slept with every passerby - while I, your Husband, stood by as each had their turn in our bed.”

taken from: The Death of America Revisited…


     "My rules are not crippling. Sin is crippling. My rules foster and protect life, not only in the next world but right now, here in this dimension. Choose life or choose death, but understand: any way that contradicts My way will result in death, despair and failure.”

taken from: Overcoming the Deceptions of This Age…


     “I have spoken with you all about this dynamic, where a soul makes a choice before birth and must live with that and die a premature death. These are things that will only be understood in Heaven, looking back. But I share them with you now in hopes that you will not grow despondent over the suffering of others you cannot bring comfort to.


     "There is a purpose for everything, My children. There is a very specific purpose and dynamic for every single thing that takes place in the lives of every single person.”

taken from: Suffering – Real Work in the Realm of the Spirit


     “Clare, the saddest part of all of this is that there are so many who never took the time to know Me. I knocked and knocked, but no one came to the door. Now death is at the door. Very much unknown to them, it is at their door. And really, for most, it is too late. They have rejected My attempts so many times that now their hearts are hardened and impenetrable.

     "There will be so many that will not even be awake; they will go in their sleep. This is going to be the greatest tragedy Earth has ever known. Never were there so many souls on the Earth, never was there My provision on Earth for their salvation. The tragedy is that the opportunities to live in Heaven with Me forever have been lost to these souls and they will look back and see what they pushed away time and time again.

     "There will be no excuses. 'Bible fundamentalists were too harsh. Others were not intellectual enough. Others were not loving enough. Pentecostals were too intense.' None of these will fly, for I sent them Mother Theresa's, missionaries, bishops and priests - highly trained and still in love with Me. Evangelists and miracles of healing. They have seen in this world the entire gamut of My servants and heard their miraculous, self-sacrificing stories and still pushed Me away. So indeed, there will not be one excuse.”

taken from: The Day of the Lord is Upon Us


     "So, when you live your life by the world's standards you are walking in darkness, snuffing out your light and reflecting that which is deteriorating and bound for death. Oh, highly precious souls, imprints of the God Who created you, your worth is immeasurable! And nothing short of My death on the Cross can atone for your wayward ways and bring you back into the Light of eternity.

     "What is needed from you is to walk in nakedness before man and God, that your light might shine. When you discover My love for you and realize who you truly are in My presence, your value system changes immediately. What was once highly prized is seen for what it is: unclean rags hanging from your body. Like a leper, the contamination of the world smothers the light given you at conception.

     "Open yourself to My Love. I am not like any man you have ever known; all are corrupt and lacking in authentic love. When I love you I do not mix My love with earthly values. I look at the beauty and uniqueness of My Father, whose substance formed you. And I long to redeem you from among this decaying world and have you in Heaven with Me for eternity.”

taken from: Choose God & Sanctity…


     "Yes, there is a fragrance about a soul that continually yields to Me. It is sweet and comforting to Me. So many, I can't even get close to. The poison of rancor is so intense I cannot stand to be close. See to it, all My People, that the odor of rancor does not proceed from your thoughts. Yes, the activity of your brain emanates this fragrance. When it is sweet, it is as if I were walking through a well-kept garden. When it is noxious, it is the odor of death and decaying flesh. You can hardly understand how terribly bad it is."

taken from: Sweet Aroma of Holiness…


     "Then there is the additional influence of chemistry in the substances carried in forced inoculations. There is a huge amount of damage done by these 'vaccines' and in some cases electronic devices. As these children mature and vaccines produce the intended result, pharmaceutical companies benefit from all the drugs made to control this engineered madness, which they began in the first place.

     "These are done en masse so that an entire generation comes forward that is hell bent on death and destruction. This is the generation of the young people now, in this age. It takes every moral fibre to resist finding a violent or drug related outlet for repressed feelings. That is why so many children are committing suicide, whether intended or accidental, from drug overdoses. I have much mercy and compassion on them.


"Oh Clare, it is truly tragic what has been done by the elites. The end result in these days is a culture of death and destruction and when the appropriate time comes, mankind will be set aflame with dark matter and demonic manifestations such as have never have been seen. Even now it is on the increase.”

taken from: Why a Soul Rejects Love…


     “I was sick many days in the spirit during the preparation of this report. If you read in Daniel, he also got sick when God began to reveal certain things to him. There are things of darkness that are too horrible to write down. Horrible forces of death and the smell of decaying flesh, flash fires of hell and deep pits with no bottoms. Evil laughter of demonic forces everywhere and when you die, my friend, if you're a sinner you go to a living hell. Demons with chains drag that soul through the gateways of hell.

     “People, repent of the work of darkness before it's too late! For we all shall stand before the judgment seat of God some day. I feel right now to pray, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and to pray for you out there. I pray in the mighty Name of Jesus, if you're a sinner, if you're in the occult that you'll repent right now and give your heart unto the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved from these sins and these abominations unto God. Amen. (Mary K Baxter)”

     Oh, Lord. Tonight I felt such sick pain in Your heart. And it occurred to me: You have said about the timing of the Rapture, You are extending the time in tiny increments and then You explained to me that that means by minutes. That being the case, at every moment You must re-evaluate and make a decision. Every moment of every soul on the face of the Earth, and make a decision in that moment, whether to go forward to the eventual death of millions - or whether to wait. Oh, how painful that must be!

     Jesus began, "It is still My Father who makes the choice, Clare. He is the one Who must re-evaluate moment by moment, as I stand in the gap. But My heart is heavy with sorrow.

     “What you have seen glimpses of, in Pam's dream, by the ocean in California is the devastation of My heart when it finally all comes down."

taken from: Mercy! Comet Will Only Graze Earth