When you live with someone, there's familiarity - like leaving your towel crumpled up on the floor, (which he doesn't do by the way) or leaving your shoes out in the middle of the room - which I DO do, by the way! There's a point where we lose patience with our partner and not even saying the demeaning words in an out-loud conversation but play out your dialogue on the inside. That is depreciating him.

     The demons are working on that little job, the little foxes that spoil the vine. We're a vine together, the two are one. The little foxes are coming along and biting the grapes and spoiling them on the vine. These interior dialogues are going on inside of you and don't kid yourself: the devils are working just as hard as you as they are him. He might be thinking, "Why doesn't she have dinner on time? For Pete's sake, she knows I don't like to eat that - why is that on the table?" There are a million different ways we could show disrespect or downgrade our spouses that are just secret, quiet things going on inside the heart.

taken from: Honoring Your Husband


     But the Lord will allow and does allow deception. The demons have been around way longer than us. These are created beings with high intelligence, they watch every move of every eyelash and they've been able to do that for over 6, 7, 8 thousand years now. So, they know the Scriptures inside out.

taken from: My Sheep Hear My Voice


     Another medicine against fear is singing praises to the Lord. That accomplishes two things: it helps us to worship the Lord and be in His presence and also helps us to recall His faithfulness... and it infuriates the demons. I love to infuriate the demons! I think they deserve to be infuriated as much as we can do it. Just by singing praises to the Lord with thanks, it infuriates them. A lot of times that will break it. The demons can't stand to be around all of that so they'll leave. Whatever you're battling against will just vaporize.

taken from: Have No Fear of the Future…


     There was a 6-year-old boy I saw in an interview. The interviewer asked if he had seen the devil and the boy said, "Yes". Then he asked, "What do demons do?" The boy answered, "They mostly sit on people's shoulders and tell them lies." These demons are professional murmurers.

taken from: Rapture Delayed, Dealing with Disappointment


     "Don't despair over your past mistakes. The past is in the past. Leave it there, for your good, for My good, and for the good of all. Forge ahead into your calling. Be fearless. Do not be swayed by what you imagine anyone has to say about you or your work. For I am with you.  Scrupulosity  kills the anointing. It pitches the soul back into the mire of their sins and shortcomings. Let not this evil scourge enter your heart or commandeer your thoughts at any time. These things strictly originate from the demon world. They do not come from Me.

     “My conviction is gentle, wise and easily received. Theirs pits you against yourself. How foolish to reminisce over past failures, or should I say, even just perceived failures, because they will use anything with a hook on it. They fish for creepy crawly things to dredge up and hook you into deep self-condemnation. Even as an alligator grabs its victim and rolls with it over and over and over, then pulling it down into the deep and leaving it there to rot - so do these despicable creatures torment My children's souls, leaving them under some miry ledge to decay until the time is ripe for these leviathan creatures to come back and feed on them again. Yes, they gain power and momentum each time they succeed. They feed on suffering just as surely as you are strengthened by righteousness and joy. So, do not allow yourself to be drawn into this combat with the evil ones. Recognize it and see it coming. Bind it. Bind them and put them in their place. May they be tormented even as they wish to torment you."

taken from: Condemnation is the Food of Demons


     But, our insidious enemy, the vicious ones, the accusers of the brethren are constantly using this against us in our walk. We know when we offend God with some thought, action or thought action. This is His gift to us, to keep us spiritually healthy. But what do we do once we've recognized our fault? Well, I can tell you for years, I would go run and hide. I've been walking with the Lord 25-30 years and I can't tell you how I spent many, many years running and hiding after I blew it.

     Generally speaking, we tend to cower and avoid Him, just as Adam and Eve did in the garden. The evil ones are standing there encouraging us to do what we somehow suspect or know is wrong. They're saying, "Oh, it's okay, really. You can do this. God won't be offended. Or, "He'll forgive you, really. It's just a little thing."

     And once we've committed the fault, the devils come back and say, "See? You're good for nothing, you can't be faithful for one hour. Now God is angry with you - He won't hear YOUR prayers! You aren't worthy of Him. And forget ministering to others!"

     At this point, we run for cover instead of running into His waiting arms. All the while, HE'S looking on with mercy and compassion. This fall, which He most likely allowed to humble us, is our opportunity to grow in humility and faith. He's waiting with open arms and kisses, to receive us back into fellowship, wanting to strengthen us and assure us of His love, which is impossible to earn. He loves us because He is God. And Love is His nature -He can't help Himself. He IS Love! He created us for fellowship with Him, He enjoys our company. He's not like an earthly father, waiting for us to prove how good we are before He showers His love and approval on us.

     So, what are we do to? The sooner we forget ourselves and turn to Him, knowing that He will forgive and restore our peace, the sooner we'll be happy again.

taken from: Tag-Along Monsters…


     I just want to say that the most threatening thing in the world to the devils, the demons, to the kingdom of darkness is a discerning Christian in intimate communion with the Lord. That is a VERY, VERY threatening person. So, they do everything they can to keep you from becoming intimate with the Lord and learning how to discern the truth from falsehood.

     Be encouraged, press in and know that the Lord is mercifully waiting to pick you up every time you fall.   from: Tag-Along Monsters

     Well please, Lord - give me some names. Like the handles of the demons with which I can grab hold of them, which I can use to clear the air. "

     I was taught early in my Christian walk that it was important to have the name of the demon that was oppressing you. And so I asked Him to give me some handles.

     I heard "Lying spirits, Beguiling spirits. These are your major enemies. Fog, Brain Fog. Curtains. Voices. Vehicles of Disturbance. Hindering, Obstacles and all Vehicles of Demonic Oppression."

taken from: Demonic Obstacles against Hearing and Seeing Jesus


     “Don't engage in 'I've gotta fix this, I've gotta fix that.' These are the devil's ploys to draw you into projects that will tire you and deplete you of your spiritual peace. They very often require trips to the store or shopping on the net. This is very, very, very detrimental to a spiritual person and alas, they don't pick up on it; they think it is just innocent work that has to be done. But Satan knows better so he commands his demons to work on guilt over projects that should be done...'you're not responsible, you should have done that before - last year,' etc. etc.”

taken from: Jesus is Coming, Draw the Line…


     "Guilt and condemnation are the number one tools used by the enemy to disable a Christian. This is what the demons are taught, 'If you want to bring a Christian down and make them stop, bring up their sins.' And sadly, it works! But forewarned is forearmed. If you know this is the area of attack, you can come before Me repentant and go into battle fully equipped. What better way to demoralize a man that to make him feel badly about himself? Do you see? You are victims of psychological warfare if you give into the lie that your sins are not forgiven.

     “… It should be clear to you by now: condemnation belongs to demons, conviction belongs to My Spirit. When I convict you, there is a sweet, sweet sense of being sorry for having offended Me, and with it comes a real desire not to repeat the act, and I am with you in that moment, encouraging you to call on Me for strength in the future.”

taken from: Do You Feel Condemned? …