“My children, there is nothing worse than Pride. Not murder, not divorce, not adultery, not failure in business, not sickness. Pride is the number one most dangerous thing in your life. And if you think you are without it, you are in fact worse off than most. You have nothing to lose by handing your opinions over to Me for confirmations and everything to gain.

     "Nevertheless, if you fail, I will still be with you - it will just be much more difficult for you. Humiliation, sorrow, hurting others - all these things you will have to face because you sought not the counsels of your God. How I wish some of you would listen to Me. How I have tried to reach inside of you and coaxed you to use the childish ways of discernment before doing something! In essence, I have asked you to hand over your free-will decisions and let Me advise you."

taken from: Are You Wise?


     We've been talking a lot about discernment lately. There are so many different facets to discernment, to correctly discerning. It's really difficult to pin them all down, but I'm going to share a message I had from the Lord with you tonight.

     This year - it's part of the whole process of purifying your soul to be able to see and hear the Lord. It's written in the Beatitudes, "Blessed are the Pure in Heart, for they shall see God." He comes to the pure in heart for consolation, so if you purify your heart more and more - cooperate with Him.

     This isn't something you can do. With the cooperation and help of the Holy Spirit, your heart can be purified and that prepares you for being able to communicate clearly with Him. None of us are perfect, we're always going to make mistakes in discernment. I made one this morning, and the Voice (of the Lord) seemed to change places with a familiar spirit. I bound a Lying spirit and that was the end of it. I deleted everything that he said to me, but the beginning of the communication WAS from the Lord. I got up to do something, when I came back, something else came in.

Taken from: Discernment: Fingerprints of the Enemy

      I'll tell you guys, I do this every day. You can laugh, and you can accuse me of 'Bible Roulette;' I don't care. It works! The Lying Spirits get shown up for what they are when I use The Bible Promise Book.          There are times the Lord allows me to be tested one step further, and I have to bind Lying spirits off The Bible Promises, but He does reveal the truth. He uses the Rhema Box, and He uses The Bible Promises, and readings from Scripture.

      "You mustn't get lax in charity or 'too big for your britches.' I try to pull you down and back in line gently. I can't help it if your pride causes you to overreact to My corrections. Sooner or later you will come to the point where you can tolerate it without becoming despondent, or rebellious, as you always do. Besides, what about that little flutter in your conscience that tells you something is not right?     “Are you listening to that? Yes, you have been listening, but be a little quicker to obey, when you hear that flutter. Keep your conscience clean. Always keep your conscience clean, and you will have very little to worry about in the realm of discernment. It is only when you stubbornly grab the bit in your teeth, and take off in your own direction, despite your husband's warning. But I must let you learn the harder lessons."

      "This is an ongoing lesson, My Beloved. This is the fine art of discernment, and the more you abandon the purse of your own opinion, and renounce your own self-will, the easier it will become for you.”           taken from: Jesus Teaches on Discernment


      But, the other thing is, guys, our channel is all about teaching you discernment and hearing from the Lord. So, I don't want you to get addicted to ME. I'm just a vessel bringing something. I want all YOU guys to be vessels. I want you to cultivate your gift of hearing from the Lord. We've gone to great pains to put playlists together on Intimacy and Discernment for a specific reason: because we want YOU guys to grow up into discernment and hearing from the Lord the same way that He has brought US up. So, please don't get addicted to me! (chuckle)         from: You, Too, Are Vessels Unto Honor


      "Listen carefully to the instructions I am imparting to you. Prayer

will be your greatest weapon and I will teach you how to pray - it will

flow from within you without any effort so strong will My grace be among you. Prayer will well up from inside and overtake you in moments of fear and danger, and you will be kept safely hidden as well as have My Peace.

      "Many will betray each other and only discernment by My Holy Spirit will alert you to who cannot be trusted. If you judge by outward standards, what is said, what they look like, how they act, if you judge by normal human standards you will be fooled. You must rely on Me to detect weak souls or those sent to find you out. Again I want to say, this is for the left behind ones, this is not for those who will be raptured.”

taken from: Provision and Protection For Those Left Behind


      But what was different last night is that I wasn't comfortable with the message. The content began to bother me, but every time I would protest this

content - that I didn't like it, this 'Jesus' would tell me to be obedient, that He had His reasons. And thinking back, that may have been the Lord, actually. Well, when I read through the message it seemed to flow and it seemed to have the weight of truth, but I wasn't at all comfortable with the content. Because it brought up something I thought we had closure to. So, I was iffy.

      I am so blessed to have a mature and discerning man of God to cover me and help me stay in His will. Ezekiel was seeking the Lord on my behalf during this whole time, because he also had qualms about the content and finally he shared that with me. When Ezekiel shared with me that he wasn't comfortable with the content, we just put it down and I said, "That's it. We're not going to use this. We're just going to put it down and sleep on it." And in the morning, when we woke up, the answer from the Lord through our different channels of discernment was the same - that this message was NOT from Him.

taken from: Rescued From a Familiar Spirit


      So, this is why I teach discernment, because many men have many things to say and a lot of what they say contradicts one another. But if you know Jesus, and you know what God says, then you have the

 answers that you need.       taken from: The Calm Before the Storm

      "This is why I tell you continually, opinion is no substitute for discernment. When you discern My times, My seasons, My choices, you will go against the current being generated by the ruling elite. When you think for yourselves, basing everything on your personal preference and the opinions of others, you will find yourself endorsing evil. Discernment takes time. Opinion is the lazy man's way. This nation is in this fix right now because you were lazy. Don't make the same mistake. Discern My times, My seasons and My choices. Stand with Me, not with popular opinion.

taken from: Why Your Failures Qualify You For Success…


      I'm sure you've noticed how you get interrupted the minute you try to do something holy or go into prayer, and the more important the task, the stronger the resistance. The number one threat to the kingdom of darkness is a spiritual Christian who hears from God. A person's intimate relationship with God is the most threatening thing to the kingdom of darkness. That's why so many of the really spiritual moves of God have come under so much opposition and fire.

      In the course of events, Holy Spirit brings on a new movement of holiness and the devils respond by sending a counterfeit to confuse and scandalize anyone drawn to that movement. The enemy uses people short on discernment, who label it "from the Devil" and thereby try to put a stop to it. So, anytime you go deeper with the Lord, you will get demonic resistance: whether it be a child getting a fever just before you walk out the door to go to church, or telephone calls during prayer time that never seem to end if you haven't been smart enough to unplug your phone... The more important the Godly activity, the more opportunity there is for you to be blessed and grow in the Lord - the more the demons are going to oppose you. They are there, whether you see them or not.

taken from: Sexual Temptations in Prayer


      It doesn't take a PHD in Divinity to know the difference between something that's sour and bitter, and something that's sweet! The Lord made discernment simple - so simple a two-year-old could taste the fruit and tell you which one's Jesus and which one isn't.

taken from: Is Still Small Voice a Study in Blasphemy?